Saturday, March 28, 2009

March is damn near gone...........

..and I've been neglecting this thing. Sorry.

My apologies to all three of you who read it. I've been busy trying to buy and sell, do my taxes, help the museum, monitor the market, get rid of a 1997 Buick Park Avenue, and on and on, more than write this mindless dribble.

The current highwaymen market in a nutshell: great paintings by the more talented artists are strong, and the myriad of plain old run-of-the-mill paintings continue to show weakness. If you like this kind of stuff, if you believe in volume and completion of a "set", it's a great buying opportunity across the board for lower end, less eye-appealing highwaymen paintings. The key word here is "cheap", or as we might say in a presentation, "less expensive".

If you only invest in the great ones that come on the market, well, get in line, please. It's like the deli counter at Publix, take a number. These opportunities seldom knock.

Yes, even in this tough economy, although the news media seems to have finally slightly toned down their universal message of "let's panic, let's jump off buildings, we're all gonna lose our houses", the better paintings are immediately salable. That's key, for without liquidity, there is no market.