Saturday, July 11, 2009

I've always loved baseball.........

and here's some personal stuff that has nothing to do with art.

Here's how old I am.

HBO is running a documentary on Ted Williams this coming Wednesday. I saw a trailer on TV and it includes film of Ted's last at bat. If you watch the background, 3 rows back of the visitor's dugout, (we're in Fenway Paaaahhhk), you see me at age 12 with my Grandpa. We were among the 10,000 in attendance. Sept 28, 1960, babies, 5 decades ago. Ted went deep on the last pitch he saw, rounded the bases head down, then retired from playing after 21 years with my beloved Red Sox............the only Baseball Hall of Famer to finish his career by hitting a home run his last time at bat.

In case you didn't know, Ted Williams was the greatest hitter who ever lived.

Harold Newton was probably painting a sunset in Florida while all this was going on in Boston. I don't think he cared about Ted Williams, but maybe. They had several things in common.

Being the best at what they did for a living, for one. Fishing for another.
And don't forget, lovin' the ladies.

Like my famous cousin, John says, "Stay thirsty my friends."

July 29......a new comment on "I've always loved baseball.........":

Great story - I am a huge O's fan. However we travel in the summers often to New England and I always catch a Sox game. In fact we have gone enough times that one of my sons has deserted me and is a Sox fan. Great stadium and town. On the day you were at the game my mom went into labor and I was born in the wee hours of Sept 29,1960.
Todd South