Sunday, August 30, 2009

Definitions and an opinion

Found this somewhere stumbling around the internet. It's a little clumsy, like I am, but it spells a few things out. Copied and pasted, uncorrected.

The opinion at the end rings true.

Description explanations: We adopt the same terms used by auction houses worldwide when cataloguing works of art. They are: The first name and surname of the artist: In our opinion this is a work by the artist. The name of the artist preceded by "after": In our opinion this is a copy of the work of the artist. Bears signature/date/inscription: In our opinion the work has been signed/dated/inscribed by a person other than the artist. Attributed to: In our opinion this is probably a work by the artist. Circle of: In our opinion this is a work of the period of the artist and showing his influence. Follower of: In our opinion a work executed in the style of the artist but not necessarily by a pupil. Manner of: In our opinion a work executed in the style of the artist but of a later date. You agree to these terms by bidding. They're good enough for Sotheby's and Christie's so they must be good enough for us!
We firmly believe it is better to buy an original painting by young or unknown, but extremely talented master artist, or even in manner of great master painters or attributed, but definately not buying Giclee, prints, serigraph or copy prints made on cheap machine from China, which is strickly business and nothing else, just take your money today but tomorrow render it worthless. If you believe some Giclee is worth thousands, good luck but thats nothing but throwing your money through the window, because any kind of reproduction by machine has no hand or soul of a master artist who put his heart into his paintings. We think it is better to
support original art.

It always amazed me that consumers would visit a gallery and pay thousands for contempory artists' giclees in fancy frames.

For those of you out there, except for the artists themselves, producing giclees of highwayman art, I fart in your general direction.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Don't miss the pony ride......

.....I mean, I wouldn't.

Hey, highwaymen art collectors, posting this just in time.........

From the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, August 20, 2009...................Spady Museum in Delray Beach
"See how crafts were made way back when. Exhibitors will demonstrate how to make lye soap, brooms and other crafts. Highwaymen artist R.L. Lewis will be painting and raffling off one of his original works, painted on-site.

Kids' activites include pony rides, face painting, bounce house, petting zoo and old-time games."

Hey, pony rides rule.

Or if you just want calendars and mousepads, go here :
Or coffee mugs and tee shirts, go here:
or here:
or for stationery, here:

Or if you just want to be confused, go here:
or here for "official" confusion:

Just sharing the knowledge, boys and girls.
You know, this will be very useful if you're not in the market for superb vintage paintings that will increase in value over time. Everyone can afford a mouse pad, right ? But a Harold Newton, well.......................

I've been neglecting this blog, I know, and I feel guilty about it.

I've been writing other stuff and have been focused on that. That's my official excuse.