Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rest in Peace J. Daniels

This afternoon about one o'clock Johnny Daniels joined the list of deceased highwaymen.

We now have eight souls on that list.

I can just about hear Ray Charles singing, ".......When the Smoke Cleared, There was Thunder from the Throne, and Seven Spanish Angels took another Angel Home."

Rest in peace, Johnny, you have left us plenty to remember you by.


Comment received:

Hello Bob,
I, too, was very sorry to hear about the sudden death of Johnny Daniels, who seemed in great spirits and health back in April for the Fort Pierce Highwaymen Festival. He was one of the best and most talented of the artists and he will be missed.
Thank you for keeping track of all the news involving this most interesting group of people.
Catherine Enns

May 31, 2009 8:01:00 PM

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shows are becoming scarce................

....especially with summer upon us. So there's no show activity to report. Next weekend I'll be in Melbourne, and last year's May show up there was very good. But that, of course, was last year.
As a bonus, we all watched the space shuttle launch at 5 pm as the show had just closed. It sure looked close, but it was surprisingly quiet, opposite to what I expected.

June 5, 6, and 7 will be the final show of the season in West Palm Beach. The new promoters are thinking about going back to a full years schedule, a show every month.

I sure hope they will, (he said selfishly).

DMG World Media, the British Bozos who owned the show prior to the Puchsteins and Tuckers, flat out panicked when we had the year of the hurricanes and cancelled out all July to October shows for the future. Oh, gee, the billion dollar conglomerate lost a little money because the Salvation Army, as well they should, commandeered the Fairgrounds for emergency operations a couple of times that one stormy season. As a result, rather than taking a "risk", these twits (rhymes with Brits) eliminated 20 or so potential "paydays" to their loyal Florida vendors who worked the summer shows, hundreds of us. I lost all respect for the ball-less bastards at that point, for shrinking their annual contract from 12 shows to eight. They could not have been more dealer-unfriendly.

Now we've got Florida people in charge, and unlike the Brits, they have cojones. That was proven by the fact that they stepped up to the plate and bought into this show while weaker promoters are shriveling up and barely staying functional.

And, having known Bill and Kay, and Yvonne and Jim for years, I know they love and appreciate their dealers (vendors) and do everything they can to treat us right.

So, from the beginning of June until August, I have no shows scheduled. Every summer I think about maybe doing a Mt Dora, or even going back up to Atlanta for a Scott's show again (we did them years and years ago). Maybe this summer I'll be able to overcome my distaste for Doyle at Mt Dora and the drudgery of the trip up I75 to Atlanta and back.

As far as sales, we sell stuff when there are no shows, too. Check out a couple of kick-ass Fritzes we just posted and sold on the Other Florida artists page. And a gorgeous and super-rare James Ralph Wilcox original watercolor from the 1890's. It's always the best stuff that sells.

Until next time, gentle reader, keep a cool tool.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The trend continues.

Yup, it does. Reporting on the WPB show for May 1, 2 and 3, we once again had a whole bunch of small sales.
Listed artist, Caroline Norton, 16 x 12 oil, impressionist Florida Palm, $ 550.00
Listed artist, Paul Turner Sargent, 10 x 12 oil, impressionist/ abstract Palm group $ 600.00
Listed artist, Donald Curran, 8 x 10 oil, killer Key West street scene, $ 300.00
Listed artist Frederic Bates, small pencil sketch, maritime circa 1900 $ 175.00
Unsigned impressionist oil on board Florida bay with moored boats $ 180.00
Several other small sales, including a brighter than usual Harris print ( 1920's or 30's ) and a miniature hand colored J R Wilcox print circa 1890's.

I wish I could report some highwaymen sales, but no, they all happened the week before at our Gainesville show. At least those highwaymen paintings were good ones.
How about a special Alfred Hair, only 10 x 8 on canvasboard, for $ 4,000.00 ? And that was cheap for its rarity. Go to our website Hair page for a look.
(NOTE to the uninitiated: This does not make ALL Alfred Hairs worth $ 4000 or better, as much as we would LIKE them to be.)
We also sold, that weekend, a gorgeous masonite Harold pine tree portrait for $ 3500 and a Hair 24 x 18 river with flowers for $ 1500. Also another Harold, 24 x 18 on stretched canvas for a very reasonable $ 1500. Of course, all our prices are very reasonable. All four of these paintings went to three different savvy, experienced collectors of highwayman art. People who "know what they're doing." May God bless them and keep them.

Although the Safety Harbor Museum 10th annual highwayman extrava-bazongo was scheduled to close the end of April, they have decided to extend it thru June, so I am leaving some inventory there to be available for sale, should anyone wish to visit. There are still 7 or 8 Harolds and a couple of Hairs, along with a Hezekiah signed A Black, a Lemuel, a couple of great Sams, and a 70's S M Wells.

If you live over here on the west coast, where there is less traffic and a slightly slower life style, a visit to the museum in the next few weeks will give you the opportunity to purchase an investment quality piece at or near the bottom of the market. Due to the recent activity with better pieces, I'm tempted to raise prices, but will hold the line just for you, gentle reader. A purchase will also help the museum, and that's a "good thing." We donate a percentage of all sales to benefit them.

In other highwaymen news, the newest book, the eighth highwaymen book, this one by Enns has been released. It is the best one yet. We are pleased to have bought and sold about twenty of the better works plated in the book. Ah yes, but alas, just like all the other books about the highwaymen market, it is a well written history book. Perhaps someday, I'll write about the other side of the story, the commercial side, the excitement and disappointments of a supply and demand market.

What, you didn't know there were eight books ? I'll list them for you.

The Highwaymen, Monroe 2001
Harold Newton, by his sister, Rosetta Humphries 2004
The Buckner Brothers, by Ellis Jr, 2004
The Highwaymen, Bob Beatty, 2006 softcover 2006
The Highwaymen, Beatty, expanded Hardcover edition, 2006
Harold Newton, Monroe 2007
Al Black's Prison Murals, Monroe 2009
The Highwaymen, Catherine Enns, 2009

You could say there are actually nine if you count the Ft Lauderdale Museum's publication of Highwaymen, Newton and Hair which kicked off their exhibit in 2006.

We won't count the Backus books, three of those plus a high quality exhibition catalog. He's not a highwayman, despite what some folks tell me at shows.

Until next time, gentle reader, don't let your meat loaf.