Thursday, November 19, 2009

Free appraisals................

........are worth exactly what you pay for them.

It's an old saying, but it's damn sure the truth.

Not to give away secrets, but here's how I take care of the countless requests I get every week. Believe me when I tell ya, there are a LOT of highwaymen paintings out there.

I cannot allow my time to be consumed by giving away free information.

It's taken me 15 years to learn what I know about highwaymen art, and 40 years of running my own business to learn what I know about people and how to deal with them.

Here's a copy paste of an email from yesterday and today:

In a message dated 11/18/2009 3:49:06 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,

David writes:

Hello, I have an original Alfred Hair painting that I am interested in selling. I was wondering what you would offer.
Attached are some photo's of the painting
Thank you,
David _____

Bob writes:

Subject: Re: Alfred Hair ~ Painting for sale
Hello David.

I don't make offers.

I'll appraise and certify it for you for $100.00 fee.
There is an example on my website.

How much would you sell it for if you don't want an appraisal.?
Get all your offers from everyone else you can find on the internet and decide.

Then I'll say yes or no.

regards, BOB

David writes:

Hello Bob, We are interested in an appraisal.
What would that value represent? Our re-sale or the amount that you would possibly purchase it for. When would you like to do the appraisal?
The painting is here in our office.
Our office is located at: ____________

Bob writes:

Hi, and thanks.

The value I put on the cert is based on submitting it to an insurance company for replacement, so I fix the number at approximate fair retail plus about 50 % or more.

But I also inform you of liquid value (my buy price), fair wholesale, fair retail asking price and fair retail settlement sale price in a separate email.

In your case, as in many I have done, I don't need to physically inspect it unless I'm going to buy it and lay out cash. I can tell it's a legit piece at this point from the images, which are excellent.

I'll probably ask you a few questions regarding the condition, signed lower left or right, whatever makes sense.............

I know it seems like a lot of numbers, five different, but they all make sense in a buy and sell market.

If you think that'll work for your needs, send me a check to:

Bob LeBlanc, ----------my address-------------

Let me know.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Florida art at it's finest.

Reflections: Paintings of Florida 1865 – 1965
From the Collection of Cici and Hyatt Brown

at the Museum of Arts and Sciences, Daytona Beach

Book About the Exhibition
A 200-page hard cover catalogue will accompany the exhibition. This volume, Reflections: Paintings of Florida 1865-1965 From the Collection of Cici and Hyatt Brown is a fresh look at the ‘Florida school of painters’ and at the aesthetic pleasure and the historical and social significance which is reflected in a representative selection of paintings from the larger Brown Collection.
The book’s author, Gary R. Libby “hopes that this volume and the treasures it contains will contribute to the heightened public interest and enjoyment in the art, history and culture of Florida, including its important yet often overlooked role in the genesis of the visual arts in the South.”

I began my personal journey into the world of Florida Art in 1995, so I find this to be somewhat ironic.
Is that the right word ? Ironic ?.....Maybe it was fate, or more likely coincidence......Anyway, I am going to look into purchasing a case of these books with the intention of offering them to my customers for a little discount, if at all possible. The preview looks simply MAGNIFICENT.

So, email me at if you want to get on my list and I'll save you a copy, or ship you one when I get the details and release date. Should be this weekend.

Or visit I might post something there, I don't know yet.

I began my relationship with the Museum of Arts and Sciences by buying a copy of the Vickers Collection book by Gary Libby in 1995 for the purpose of using it as a sales tool at the antique shows where I displayed my inventory of Florida art for sale. A couple of years later I purchased several cases of the fresh, new Libby book, now out of print, Coast to Coast, the Contemporary Landscape in Florida. I would sell the book by itself, or I would gift it to my customers who purchased paintings from my inventory by the artists listed in the book. Most of the time I would carry works by Mitch Kolbe (the dust jacket cover-boy), Sally Boswell, John Stanford, Ellie Blair and the ever popular and prolific St. Augustine artist Emmett Fritz. I went through so many books that they recognized my voice when I would call to order another case. Eventually I bought their last two cases from the museum's warehouse and finally emptied the coffers of their retail store by buying their last five or six copies.

From the new book by Libby and in conjunction with the exhibition of the collection being exhibited at Daytona's Museum of Arts and Sciences:

I simply copied and pasted it. If it's copyrighted and I shouldn't have, then I imagine I'll hear from them.
I'll oftentimes just jump on things and then see what happens.
Know what I'm sayin', gentle reader ?

"In 1995, the year of Florida’s sesquicentennial - 150th birthday- as a state,little had been written about its art. Then in rather fast succession books and articles began to appear that cataloged little-known but important private and public collections of Florida art, while telling a part of story about the birth, development and flowering of serious art in Florida.Today both not-for-profit institutions and private individuals who actively collect Florida art have helped to stimulate, through exhibitions and publications, a need to know more about the art and artists who have captured, and continue to capture in paintings, the rich and diverse geography, people and customs of Florida.
Within that tradition of investigation and inquiry is Reflections:Paintings of Florida 1865-1965 drawn from the large and impressive collection of Cici and Hyatt Brown."

I am seriously excited about this book. It is LOADED with Florida masterpieces.


OK, it's later Tuesday morning now, and I have the first case being shipped here, so I should have them in time for the Stuart show next week.

I can't wait to smell that new book smell.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dueling events today.

These highwaymen festivals and celebrations and extravaganzabos are so plentiful now that we have DUELING EVENTS today.................

Today, folks, if you get movin fast, you have a chance at a highwaymen overdose.

First go here and click #1

Then you can start reading................

Event # 1 Go here to Fort Pierce (souvenir t-shirts available)

Event # 2 Go there to Cape Canaveral (food, booze and music available)

Biker and Blues Bash
November 15, 2009
Milliken's Reef
683 Dave Nisbet Drive
Cape Canaveral, Florida 32920




Not that it has anything to do with the highwaymen, but my spellcheck on this blog tells me McLendon is wrong, but Issac is OK. Go figure.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Ft Pierce obelisk

Here's the story, the obelisk is official. Add another highwaymen celebration to the list.

"Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music......."

Any publicity is good for our little market. Any publicity at all.

from the story:
"City Commissioner Reggie Sessions encouraged residents to see the lights shining on the obelisk at night because he said Avenue D has less crime, drugs and prostitution than it did 10 years ago."

One way to look at this statement from Commissioner Sessions : Ten years ago there was a better chance than there is now to get mugged while you were trolling Avenue D for a hooker and maybe a little crack cocaine. It's safer now with less crime than there was, but keep your head up and your wits about you while you enjoy the obelisk.

Here's the photo gallery. I think I spy some highwaymen who aren't officially listed highwaymen but say that they were highwaymen and still are. Oh well, this controversy has been going on for the last eight years.

Throw away Monroe's list of 26 and make up your own.

Start by taking Sam Newton off the list. If you don't believe me, ask him yourself. He's easily found.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sometimes it's fun...................... just read some of the nonsense that is stated on eBay as fact from an "art dealer" who implies that what he's telling us is factual. That he knows what he's talking about. Remember this is a seller with over 1000 positive feedbacks at 100% satisfaction.

As the policeman of the highwaymen market, I feel an obligation to straighten folks out from time to time. This is one of those times.

In "cyber-talk" it's time to LOL or SMH (shake my head).
Actually, it's 5:30 Friday and time to crack that first ice cold Bud Light.

Here's looking at you, gentle reader.


Seller info
mine! ( 1078) --

Time left:
6 days 23 hours (Nov 20, 200913:37:41 PST)
Item condition:
Yes it is signed and I will post more pictures of the painting and signature when I get home tonight! That is, unless someone uses "BUY IT NOW!"first, then I'm done! This is an Oil on Canvas Original! Remember, Sam is Harold Newton’s son, who was only a small boy in the fifties and early sixties when they were mostly creating their paintings on old building materials (Upsom board). Upsom board was used in "afforable"houses as a soffit material under the eaves of a roof. They painted rarely on canvas board because it was so expensive at any art supply stores. They did paint on masonite board quite regularly, but it wasn’t preferred because it will not hold a nailed “door trim” homemade frame to it. Upsom board easily nailed to the wood frame, and has a nice texture to paint on.

Sam had the benefit of his daddy’s money and could buy the canvas, and it was also a favorite gift for him at Christmas. This painting most probably was done under the direction of his father, Harold Newton, and it has been suspected by other knowledgeable art collectors who have seen this painting that Harold might have even painted the focal point (distant) Palm tree himself, and this painting is one of the very first Sam Newton paintings. I have been told this painting actually might have hung in their own house for a time, because the frame is original, and very much a late 1950’s style. If so, they must have been very proud of little Sam.

"Proud of little Sam" Gotta love it, given he had Daddy's money, too.

I emailed the seller through the system and attempted to politely correct him.

Sometimes these sellers get really pissed when I challenge their knowledge.

Here's what I sent the seller via the eBay system :

Dear mine!, Sam is Harold's brother. He began painting with his brother in the 1960's. He is alive and painting today, as well as selling his work directly on eBay. Whoever told you the interesting nonsense that you state in the listing is "full of "misinformation". BOB

For the full listing, go here.

Someone hit the Buy it Now option, so it is now in completed listings.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Press release................

What could be better than free advertising ?

In conjunction with promoting the December West Palm Beach antique show, a press release has been sent to umpteen news websites and print media for immediate publication.

Fred Taylor, author of the "Furniture Detective", has written a flattering account of our availability at this venue. I especially appreciate his use of the word "awesome".

He's right, of course.

Most of the art I buy to exhibit at these shows I attend around the state is, in fact, AWESOME.

Here's the link to a ton of those websites.

I'm not into antique furniture, but if you are, here's the link to his book. I bet it's excellent. Probably awesome.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A positive thing in the news........

From AOL:
Faced with lurking dangers to the budding recovery, Federal Reserve policymakers are sure to leave a key interest rate at a record low to entice Americans to spend more and help the economic turnaround gain traction.The economy started to grow again last quarter for the first time in more than a year.

From Bob:
I, too, would like to entice you to spend more.

See you in West Palm this weekend ? I promise to display enticing things.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Donald Rust

D. L. Rust, the artist whose wildlife oil paintings I love to buy, (I've bought and sold over a hundred, I think) has painted a John Perry sculpture for us. He's a good friend and has refused to charge us for it. In fact, it was such a good deal, I sent him another one, so I have one for my permanent personal collection and one for sale.

ISN'T THAT GREAT, READERS ? Everybody say "Yeah!"

The good news (for you, not me) is I forgot to bring it to Gainesville (Univ of Florida Gator country)last weekend for the antique show I did up there, or it would have been sold for sure.

Anyway, this thing is a great paperweight, or a desk ornament. The gator looks real (the original sculpture before Rust worked on it was a faux ivory made of resin). The gator is about 12" long mounted on a slightly larger natural cypress base.

Christmas is coming people. This would make a great gift.

Are you a UF Gator fan ? Ladies, is your attorney husband a UF Law School graduate ? Gentlemen, is your wife a UF Law School graduate ? Or a Medical School graduate ?

Or do you just like alligators in general ? They fascinate me, cold blooded prehistoric monsters in every pond and puddle in Florida. How cool is that ?

I'm offering it with free shipping anywhere in the United states for $ 190.00 firm.

I price his paintings (Rust's) at $375.00, and when a customer gets serious and asks for the "best price", I come down to $300.00. Then I offer two different for $ 500.00.

Donald Rust's work has been purchased by the SMITHSONIAN, and has been featured in the National Gallery.

Jeez, if he's good enough for the Smithsonian, he ought to be good enough for YOU, gentle reader.