Friday, August 27, 2010

Not a highwaymen painting

Just a quickie for you this morning.

Here's another eBay seller added to the long list of people who either intentionally or unintentionally can't seem to understand the list of 26 names.

Monday, August 23, 2010

highwaymen art appraisals

I started a new blog, a sister blog, so to speak.

It deals with appraisals, but I imagine that's obvious..

I'll try to get our "Official Policy" posted this week, working on it now.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Harold Newton's work

Sometimes the unexpected comes out of hiding.

Here's an example of that, posted on eBay just this morning.
Usually when I write about eBay, I point out forgeries and alterations, as they do exist.

This time, I can see that this is absolutely genuine and I know, although the seller has no feedback as of yet, that he is a legitimate seller ......... well as an appreciative collector of Harold Newton's work.

I make it my business to know who's who and what's what in this market.
Roger is a guy you can trust, gentle readers.

Here's what I wrote to him just now:
Dear floridaartauctionsinc2010,

Roger, this is very cool. Of all the HN's I've seen, this is my first time for this scene in these colors and such brightness. Nice rare size, too.

This piece must have kicked Willie Daniels off and running. I've seen his virtually exact copy of it hundreds of times.

I'm going to post it in my blog. regards, BOB

Rare 24"x30" vertical H. Newton
Item Id: End time: Aug-29-10 19:55:16 PDT


100.0% Positive Feedback (that's me)
Member since Nov-26-01 in United States
Location: FL, United States

Listing Status: This message was sent while the listing was active

Now I'm not going to give you advice on other people's merchandise very often.
After all, Roger and I are competing for your available dollars, but I was struck by the similarities and I just couldn't let it go unnoticed.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A E Backus

The Backus Gallery and Museum is undertaking a renovation and expansion project.

This is a good thing for the kind of art that we like to fool around with.
The kind on my website

You know which artists we like, all three of you who read this blog.
Newton, Hair and Backus. Along with the occasional McLendon or Buckner.

The fresh new look should draw more public interest and perhaps spawn a few new collectors. More interest will result in more demand.

Excellent. Most excellent.

read about it here:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Highwaymen consumers.

Whoever wrote this has a keen sense of the obvious.

It's kinda sorta clumsily written, but you get the idea. People won't spend.
Decorative things for the home ? Don't need em right now.

What a great time to invest in art. Demand is low for collectible art in affordable ranges.
In the non-affordable art market, Picasso still brings 100 million +.......

Here's the link from AOL.

After years of conspicuous consumption when it came to our homes and what we put in them, Americans are rethinking their priorities in the recession-induced Age of Austerity and paring down their possessions and what they spend.

A minute later, I saw this related story on AOL.

Consumers Still Not Spending
More Americans are cutting corners on the little things, according to Harris Interactive. Where are they saving?
Nearly two-thirds are buying generic brands more often.
48 percent are brown-bagging lunch.
31 percent have canceled magazine subscriptions.
24 percent are cutting back on dry cleaning.
22 percent have canceled cable television.
22 percent no longer buy coffee in the morning.
15 percent have canceled their landline phone service and changed or canceled their cell phone service.
All these figures are up slightly since the last Harris poll in February, showing that despite some signs of economic recovery, people are still reluctant to go back to their free-spending ways.
Are these changes temporary or a permanent shift in consumer behavior? Businesses may need to give their customers incentives to come back and start spending with them again.

The incentive I give you gentle readers, is lower prices.

And, I'll buy you a coffee. Promise.

Monday, August 9, 2010