Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vintage Sam Newton highwaymen art

Looks like I'm writing about Sam Newton again.

He's been my "hot artist" lately.

I bought this classic highwaymen beauty, a masterpiece, actually, from Herb Smith last week and sold it at the St Pete Floridiana show in the Palladium Sunday.


Here's a copy of the email I sent him the next morning.:

Good morning, Herb.

Well, your Sam didn't last very long on my dining room wall!

So these 40ish two ladies are fluttering around my 5 new 8x10's I bought from Sam. I'm thinking one will help the other pick out the "best" one and it'll be a good start to the show.

They surprised me and said, "What can you do on these three, plus the upson 24x18" I had, typical plain sunrise river scene. So I went thru the whole dog and pony show, writing the orig prices on a big sheet of paper and crossing them off, putting discounted prices down, and so on.

They said, "OK. By the way, we're decorating our new offices in the Suntrust building downtown St Pete." Couple of people from an insurance agency with their offices in a brand new glass building. Bare walls. So I went to work on them.

"I have these gorgeous other vintage pieces, Harold jumbo, Hair 2x4, Moran 2x4", all seascapes, (all so big I hate them now). "No, we don't like seascapes". But they gravitated to your Sam pine tree.

"This is the best one I've had in 10 years, blah, blah, blah and I wouldn't sell it for a penny less than $2000.00" They love it now, but the higher price made them gun shy. God bless them, they called the office designer on their cell and she came to the show.

So now it's a "committee". The designer is in her mid-late 20's, well dressed, drop dead gorgeous, and she absolutely loved your Sam. She had to get approval from the COO, to spend that kind of money on a single piece. I came down to 1800 (out of respect for the 4 already bought, plus she had a great ass). So out comes her phone and she calls him. Can't be reached. "Let me put it over here (down a hall across from a bench), we don't want anyone else to buy it"

Sentries guarding a new found treasure while waiting for a return call from "the General".

Very busy show. After about an hour, I go see them, "So......?" "We called the COO and the CEO and got voice mail".

"Well, those guys are busy guys. They don't have time for stuff like this. That's why you guys are here".

After I go back to other sales and appraisals and such, I see it's been about another half hour, and the sentries come marching in. They never got a call back, but they said, "OK, we'll take it".

Now I just hope the COO or the CEO says, "Hey, I really like seascapes, call this guy".

I'm not bragging, Herb, I knew you'd enjoy this story. Those were the only hwymn I sold (+ another new Sam), 6 Sams, but I sold a few grand in cheaper FL stuff.

Sounds like fun, but I paid the price. Up at 4, drive to St P 5-6, load in 6-8, set up 8-10, on my feet talking 10-5, pack and load out 5-6:30, drive home an hour. Shower, double Dewars, enchiladas and CRASH.

Thanks for finding that Sam.


cell 727 809 1691


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